High hydration, rest and durability, reddish crust and a light layer of flour. Artisanal aspect

Bread is frequently a part of our daily lives . Present at breakfast at the start of the day, late at night during dinner, and through lunch and tea. In addition to breads that provide quality and versatility, we need breads that keep well for the entire day. In short, well hydrated doughs with a long fermentation that keep all day. If, moreover, their crust and flour endow them with a rustic touch, we appreciate even more these small daily moments.

Fundada en 1994, OKIN, - que en Euskera significa “panadero” - es una empresa familiar situada en la Costa Vasca (Zumaia, a 40km de San Sebastian). Desde el inicio y bajo la filosofía CleanLabel, nos hemos dedicado al pan precocido congelado, siendo reconocidos tanto por la calidad de nuestros panes – líderes en el segmento de rústicos –, como por la proximidad con nuestros clientes.

Made in Zumaia

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Tel. +34 943 865 650
Pol. Industrial Jose María Korta, parc 5, 20750 ZUMAIA (Gipuzkoa)